Welcome to Custom Grinders Sales, Inc.

Since our founding in 1976, Custom Grinders Sales, Inc. has become a leading supplier of alumina trihydrate and surface modified alumina trihydrate products. Alumina trihydrate is the leading flame retardant and smoke suppressant product used in polymer compound/industrial applications.Our unique knowledge of mineral grinding, separation process technology and micro particle science enables us to continuously provide our customers with the highest quality alumina trihydrate products for any industrial application. As an expert in developing new engineered alumina trihydrate products, Custom Grinders Sales, Inc. has a total commitment to be a “partner with our customers”.

We are proud of our commitment to superior customer service and technical support. We have highly trained people always available to help in any question or need that might arise. At Custom Grinders Sales, Inc. you are not just another customer!

All of our POLYFILL and POLYFILL SM series alumina trihydrate products and surface modified products, are back by our Quality Assurance Program. We use the latest in particulate testing technology to ensure consistent quality lot from lot.

Please contact us with any questions or samples request your company might have.